Forage and Feed

NAPI grows several forage and feed products within the region. The forage and feed are available through retail and wholesale at NAPI Region 2 Scales. NAPI's forage grades are available depending on the season.

For more information on current feed products, contact:

  • NAPI's Region 2 Scales at 505-566-2641
  • NAPI's Main Office at 505-566-2600

For bulk loads to serve Navajo Chapter communities, email:


All other bulk loads or contract inquiries, email:


Cash, Debit, & Credit Cards accepted. This is an automatic deduction from your checking account. All prices subject to change without notice.

Supreme Alfalfa
Monitor when feeding
Premium Alfalfa
Monitor when feeding
Good Alfalfa3-Twine19520-Tons
Fair AlfalfaBig Bale, 3-Twine18030-Bales (BB),
20-Tons (3T)
TriticaleBig Bale14020-Tons
CowhayBig Bales, 3-Twine16530-Bales (BB),
20-Tons (3T)
Alfalfa GrassBig Bales, 3-Twine20530-Bales (BB),
20-Tons (3T)

Livestock FeedPrice
Whole Corn - Bulk190/Ton
Winter Wheat - Bulk235/Ton
4-Way Mix9.50 (+Tax)
Cracked Corn10.00
Trace Mineral Block6.75 (+Tax)
White Salt Block5.75 (+Tax)
Hen Scratch10.00 (+Tax)
Whole Corn8.00
Winter Wheat8.00
Smartlic, 12%38.90 (+Tax)
Whole Oats15.95
Liquid Molasses24.00 (+Tax)
Horselic Tub, 12%45.00 (+Tax)
Purina Equine Horse Feed, Sr.21.99 (+Tax)
Horse Protein Block13.75 (+Tax)