Forage and Feed

NAPI grows several forage and feed products within the region. The forage and feed are available through retail and wholesale at NAPI Region 2 Scales. NAPI's forage grades are available depending on the season.

For more information on current feed products, contact:

  • NAPI's Region 2 Scales at 505-566-2641
  • NAPI's Main Office at 505-566-2600

For bulk loads to serve Navajo Chapter communities, email:


All other bulk loads or contract inquiries, email:


Cash, Debit, & Credit Cards accepted. This is an automatic deduction from your checking account. All prices subject to change without notice.

Supreme Alfalfa
Monitor when feeding
3-Twine23520-Tons (3T)
Premium Alfalfa
Monitor when feeding
3-Twine21520-Tons (3T)
Good AlfalfaBig Bales, 3-Twine19530-Bales (BB),
20-Tons (3T)
Fair AlfalfaBig Bale18030-Bales (BB)
Alfalfa GrassBig Bales20530-Bales (BB)
HaygrazerBig Bales14030-Bales (BB)
Wheat StrawBig Bales, 3-Twine10030-Bales (BB),
20-Tons (3T)

Livestock FeedPrice
Whole Corn - Bulk
Bulk sold Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Winter Wheat - Bulk
Bulk sold Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
4-Way Mix9.50 (+Tax)
Cracked Corn10.00
Trace Mineral Block6.75 (+Tax)
White Salt Block5.75 (+Tax)
Hen Scratch10.00 (+Tax)
Whole Corn8.00
Winter Wheat8.00
Smartlic, 12%38.90 (+Tax)
Whole Oats15.95
Horselic Tub, 12%45.00 (+Tax)
Purina Equine Horse Feed, Sr.21.99 (+Tax)
Horse Protein Block13.75 (+Tax)