Navajo Pride Food

NAPI grows a variety of quality food products and sold through retail or wholesale. Our Navajo Pride food products are available at NAPI Region 2 Scales and NAPI Farm Scales. The products will vary depending on the season.

For information on retail purchases, contact:

  • NAPI Region 2 Scales at 505-566-2641
  • NAPI Farm Scales at 505-566-2671

For information on wholesale purchases, send an email to:


Cash, Debit, & Credit Cards accepted. This is an automatic deduction from your checking account. All prices subject to change without notice.

Organic PotatoesWeightPrice
Red, Russet, or Yellow Potatoes*10 lbs.2.99
Red, Russet, or Yellow Potatoes*50 lbs.7.00
Bakers Russet Potatoes50 lbs.9.00

Cedar Ash4.99
Red Chile Powder, 1 oz.5.00
Navajo Coffee Creamer5,00

2018 BeansWeightPrice
Pinto Beans1 lb.1.00
Pinto Beans4 lbs.4.00
Pinto Beans20 lbs.15.00
Pinto Beans50 lbs.25.00
Pinto Beans100 lbs.40.00
2017 Pinto Beans*1 lb.0.50

All-Purpose, Unbleached5 lbs., Paper3.00
All-Purpose, Unbleached10 lbs., Paper4.00
Frybread Mix2 lbs.2.50
Frybread Mix5 lbs.4.50
Frybread Mix25 lbs.17.00
Whole-Wheat5 lbs.5.00
Whole-Wheat25 lbs.22.50
All-Purpose, Unbleached5 lbs., Cloth4.00
All-Purpose, Unbleached*10 lbs., Cloth6.00
All-Purpose, Unbleached25 lbs., Paper8.00

Blue CornWeightPrice
Corn Meal, Roasted*2 lbs.4.50
Corn Meal, Roasted*5 lbs.10.50
Corn Meal, Roasted*10 lbs.19.00
Corn Meal, Roasted25 lbs. - Special Order Only45.00
Course Corn Meal1 lb.3.00
Pancake Mix*2 lbs.7.00
Pancake Mix*5 lbs.12.50
Pancake Mix*10 lbs.22.50

Yellow CornWeightPrice
Corn Meal, Roasted5 lbs.6.00
Corn Meal, Roasted10 lbs.10.00
Corn Meal, Roasted25 lbs. - Special Order Only30.00
Course Corn Meal, Unroasted1 lb.3.00

White CornWeightPrice
Corn Meal, Roasted*5 lbs.6.00
Corn Meal, Roasted10 lbs.10.00
Corn Meal, Roasted25 lbs. - Special Order Only30.00

(*) Available at Farm Scales.