Operation and Maintenance

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has complete responsibility for the continuing development of NIIP. Since October 1985, NAPI has managed the operation & maintenance of NIIP by virtue of the Public Law 93-638 contract with the BIA and BOR.

NAPI’s Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Department ensures the delivery of water to NAPI’s farmland. The irrigation system operators (ISO’s) and control center monitor the water delivery process. Water is delivered using a series of canals, siphons, tunnels, gate structures, and pumping plants. The operations side of NAPI includes keeping the irrigation systems in operation. A complex Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and Remote Terminal Units (RTU) system effectively monitor the delivery of water. Using the SCADA system, water flows can be adjusted through various structures. The SCADA system also monitors water elevations, gate settings, has the ability to operate gates remotely, monitors pumping plants, and operates the ‘center pivot’ sprinklers remotely from NAPI’s control center.

The maintenance departments include electrical, mechanical, and civil works branches. The electrical group’s responsibilities include trouble shooting, repairing and installations of electrical systems, bushings, insulators, power cable repair, coupling capacitors, and circuit breakers serving the irrigation delivery system. The mechanical department responsibilities include troubleshooting, repairing and installing electrical and gas pumping plants systems, pump motors, air compressors, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic gates serving the irrigation delivery system. The civil works department projects include earthwork excavation, structural construction, erosion control installation, lateral repairs, and crane support for maintenance branches. The O&M department is responsible for critical, preventative, and annual maintenance projects on the NIIP electrical, mechanical, and structural components.