Navajo Pride Products

Our Navajo Pride Products are available as retail or wholesale. NAPI provides (2) locations to purchase Navajo Pride Products: NAPI Region 2 Scales and NAPI Farm Scales. For information on bulk purchases, please contact 505-566-2613 or 505-566-2639.

Navajo Pride Products are available depending on the season. Cash, Debit, & Credit Cards accepted. This is an automatic deduction from your checking account. All prices subject to change without notice. 

Updated on 2/14/18

Food ProductWeightPrice
All-Purpose Flour, Unbleached5 lbs.3.00
All-Purpose Flour, Unbleached10 lbs.4.00
All-Purpose Flour, Unbleached25 lbs.8.00
Frybread Mix2 lbs.2.50
Frybread Mix5 lbs.4.50
Frybread Mix25 lbs.17.00
Pinto Beans1 lb.1.00
Pinto Beans4 lbs.4.00
Pinto Beans20 lbs.15.00
Pinto Beans50 lbs.25.00
Pinto Beans100 lbs.45.00
Whole-Wheat Flour5 lbs.5.00
Whole-Wheat Flour10 lbs.9.50
Whole-Wheat Flour25 lbs.22.50
Yellow Corn Meal, Roasted5 lbs.6.00
Yellow Corn Meal, Roasted10 lbs.10.00
Yellow Corn Meal, Roasted25 lbs.45.00
Yellow Corn Meal, Unroasted10 lbs.9.50
Blue Corn Pancake Mix2 lbs.7.00
Blue Corn Pancake Mix5 lbs.12.50
Blue Corn Pancake Mix10 lbs.22.50
Blue Corn Meal, Roasted2 lbs.4.50
Blue Corn Meal, Roasted5 lbs.10.50
Blue Corn Meal, Roasted10 lbs.19.00
Cedar Ash-4.99
Blue Course Corn Meal1 lb.3.00
White Corn Meal, Roasted5 lbs.6.00
White Corn Meal, Roasted10 lbs.10.00
Russet Potatoes, # 2 = ORGANIC =50 lbs.5.00
Russet Potatoes = ORGANIC =10 lbs.2.50

Forage: Big Bales OnlyPrice/Ton
Wheat Straw100
Hay Grazer100

Forage: 3-Twine OnlyPrice/Ton
Grass Alfalfa185
Wheat Straw100
Premium Alfalfa200

Feed ProductPrice
Whole Corn - Bulk190/Ton
Winter Wheat - Bulk235/Ton
4-Way Mix9.50 (+5%Tax)
Cracked Corn10.00
Trace Mineral Block6.75 (+5%Tax)
White Salt Block5.75 (+5%Tax)
Hen Scratch10.00 (+5%Tax)
Whole Corn - 50 lbs.8.00
Winter Wheat - 50 lbs.8.00