NAPI is managed by a Board of Directors which provide governance and oversight of the organization, subject to the restrictions of the NAPI Plan of Operation and applicable law. The Board consist of (5) members who represent District 13, District 19,  Eastern Agency, Western Agency, and Chinle Agency of the Navajo Nation.

The President's Office of the Navajo Nation nominates a member to represent NAPI's Board of Directors depending on vacancy or an expired term. The nomination is then confirmed by the Resources and Development Committee.

Our NAPI Board of Directors posess substantial knowledge, understanding, and competency in such disciplines and skills as agribusiness, agricultural marketing, livestock, agricultural economics, agricultural finance, irrigation and 638 contracting.


Board of Directors

  • Peter Deswood, III, Chairperson
    District 13
  • Lorenzo J. Begay, Ph. D., Member
    Chinle Agency
  • Danny Simpson, Member
    District 19
  • Lawrence R. Platero, Member
    Eastern Agency
  • Delane Atcitty, Member
    Western Agency


Dave Zeller
Chief Executive Officer

Darryl Multine
Chief Financial Officer

Roselyn Yazzie
Chief Operations Officer