Traditional Navajo plants are currently being studied by the NAPI Conservation Department. Traditional Navajo plants typically found in the wild are being studied for their cultural and medicinal uses. Through communication with tribal healers approximately 450 species of wild plants that the Navajo use traditionally have been identified. However, many of these plants are difficult to find in the wild. This makes it challenging for medicine men and women as they require the plants for ceremonies. Some plants are also not to be handled without proper, required chants, songs, and handling and preparation by Navajo healers.

Current Products:

• Blue Corn Pancake Mix
•  Roasted Blue Corn Meal
• Blue Steamed Corn Meal
• Indian Corn Nuts: Salted, BBQ, Chili
•  Sumac Berries: Whole, Ground, Pudding Mix
•  Whole White Indian Corn Kernals
•  Roasted White Corn Meal
•  Unroasted White Corn Meal
•  Whole Yellow Corn Kernals
•  Roasted Yellow Corn Meal
•  Unroasted Yellow Corn Meal
•  Green Chile
•  Onions