Global Gap Certified Navajo Pride Russet Potatoes are of the freshest and finest quality to be found in the Four Corners region. Previously, we have tried Rooster Red, Yellow, and Organic varieties. This season we are growing various varieties of Russet Potatoes with a small portion of Red Potatoes. We are always looking to grow quality potatoes that are priced competitively and preferred by our valued customers!

Our potatoes come in sizes: A's, B's, Bakers and Premiums. They can be pre-packaged and available in cartons, poly, and burlap with an option of bulk loads - depending on weight. The 50 pound bags are available in paper and 2000 pound bags in totes. NAPI has two storage facilities to accommodate our Navajo Pride potatoes. When potatoes are ready to be processed and shipped, we rely on our Fresh Pack facility that is located at NAPI.

We currently supply Navajo Pride Potatoes to customers internationally. We appreciate our valued and loyal customers and invite you to become part of this esteemed group of potato buyers!

Fun Facts about the NAPI and Potatoes:

  • NAPI is also home to contractor Navajo Mesa, who produces chipper potatoes for Frito Lay. 
  • Our NAPI Russet Potatoes are even served at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!
  • Did you know…. The average Russet potato plant can produce up to 10-12 Potatoes!