Since NAPI has been in production, we have been producing superior quality Navajo Pride Pinto Beans. The pinto bean is one of our Native cultural food and we take great pride in growing and producing this product. This year, we have introduced Navy Beans and Black Beans to our crops. Currently, we market to suppliers and restaurants on various levels locally through internationally.

We produce premium quality pinto beans which are grown by the Navajo people and produced in an ideal ecosystem. The beans are irrigated with center pivot on sandy and sandy-loam soil in an elevation of 5,500 feet above sea level. It is irrigated with pure rocky mountain snow from the Colorado Rockies.

Our pinto beans are light in color and are graded U.S. No. 1. They are packaged and available in Navajo Pride plastic bags in 1 lb. and 4 lbs. Our 20 lbs., 50 lbs., and 100 lbs. are bagged in poly bags. We also have 2000 lbs. totes for processing plants. The cooking time of our pinto beans is one hour, twenty-five minutes and sometimes even a shorter timeframe for a lower elevation.

Some advantages we have for our pinto beans are early harvest, freight advantage and weather. The beans are processed at our very own NAPI Bean Plant.

We invite you to become part of our respected buyers of Navajo Pride Pinto Beans and if you are a current customer, we appreciate your business. Once you have tried our beans, you'll keep coming back for more.