NAPI Scholars Program

The NAPI Scholarship Program is for students interested in pursuing a career with their company upon graduation. The Scholarship Program provides combined scholarship and internship opportunities to undergraduate students at New Mexico State University’s main campus and leads to full-time employment upon completion of their degree. The program is designed to promote leadership and management opportunities to students and to create access to higher education.

The program offers:
• Scholarships
• Paid internship leading to permanent employment
• Employee benefits such as: Mentoring, Career Development, and Leadership training.

NAPI is one of the largest employs of Navajo people in San Juan County and throughout the Navajo Nation. Tribal membership is not a requisite of employment. The Navajo people continue to manage the operation. One of NAPI’s primary goals is to increase employment opportunities for the Navajo people through the attainment of new skills and knowledge leading to higher productivity, profitability, and self-sufficiency. To achieve this goal, NAPI recognizes the need to collaborate with educational institutions in developing students to fill NAPI’s professional positions. The objective of the scholars program is to develop and retain a knowledgeable workforce intended to maintain NAPI at the highest level of professionalism required to produce and market quality agricultural products.

Targeted Majors: Undergraduate Level - Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Soils, Statistics, Business, Plant & Crop Sciences.

In recent years, we have worked with (4) successful candidates for NAPI's Scholar Program. Learn more about their experience and insight on our program!