Internship Program

Applications can be faxed to
ATTN: HR Manager

or emailed to

NAPI has summer internship opportunities available for students pursuing a degree in the areas listed below. Interested students will participate in strategic projects as they relate to NAPI’s overall goals and objectives.

To apply, submit the following documents:

Internship Application
• Most Recent Transcripts
• Resume
• Letter of Interest:
"Outline your educational career goals and insight as to how an internship at NAPI will help in providing hands-on experience, enhanced learning and development into a career within the Agricultural Industry."


• Agronomy
• Horticulture
• Ag Business/Econ.
• Ag Biology
• Soil Science
• Ext. Education


• Civil
• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Agriculture
• Industrial
• Water Resources


• Management
• Marketing
• Accounting
• Finance
• Human Resources
• IT