Donation Request

NAPI continuously strives to promote Navajo Pride products in a positive manner based on our mission statement and core goals:

Continue the legacy of Navajo farming, producing superior products, practicing stewardship and creating value for our people.

As an Enterprise of the Navajo Nation, NAPI donates resources in the form of NAPI products to organizations within the Navajo Nation and other non-profit agencies. NAPI selected a 5-member Donation Committee to approve all donations requests.

Donation Categories

  • Donation – NAPI products or monetary donations made to non-profit organizations such as local schools, churches, organizations, charities, and Navajo Chapter events, etc. (Limit of $100)
  • Reduced Price – NAPI products sold at a 10% discount rate to for-profit organizations or groups such as Navajo Chapters funded through the Navajo Nation.
  • Emergency – NAPI products or monetary donations made to individuals, organizations, groups, or community under state of emergency situation.
  • Sponsorship – NAPI products or monetary donations made to events (such as special events across the Navajo Nation) for promotional/advertisement opportunities during the event.

Monthly Deadlines

  • Deadline for all donation requests: 1st Friday of each month
  • Donation Review: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Required Documents

All requests require a written letter on the requestor’s letterhead with all contact information and addressed to:

NAPI’s Donation Request Committee
PO Drawer 1318
Farmington, NM 87499
Fax: 505-960-9458

Content of letter:

  • Purpose of the donation
  • Amount Requested
  • The date the donation is needed
  • How will the donation be used?
  • How many people will be affected?
  • How will NAPI be promoted as a donor? (Not required)

All requests must include proper documentation, such as:

  • Flyer or advertisement of event
  • Completed W-9 (NO EXCEPTION)

A notification on the decision of the Committee will be sent by letter to the requesting party.