RFI No. 19-100

Navajo-Owned Businesses

In order to respond more effective to daily and emergency operational challenges, Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) is seeking to better understand the marketplace and the potential Contractor pool for various services. The services being sought are not limited to the list on this website.   The purpose of the RFI is to supplicate statements of interest and capabilities from all Navajo-owned Businesses.

The RFI is a means of technical discovery and information gathering. This RFI is for planning purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation nor should it be construed as an obligation on the part of NAPI to make any purchases.  This RFI should not be construed as a means to pre-qualify vendors.  NAPI may utilize the RFI in drafting a competitive solicitation (RFP) for any subject services/products/equipment.  Any future contract that may be awarded must comply with NAPI and Navajo Nation procurement requirements. 

Participation in this RFI is voluntary and will be used for informational purposes. NAPI will not pay for the preparation of any information submitted by a respondent or for NAPI’s use of that information.

CategoryDetailed Listing
Shops/WarehousesTIRES: Vehicle Tires, Tractor Tires, Implement Tires, ATV Tires, Forklift Tires, Potato Equipment Tires, Sorting Table Tires.
PARTS SUPPLY: Auto Parts, Semi-Truck Parts, Trailer Parts, Heave Equipment Parts, Tools.
OIL: Hydraulic Oils, Auto Oil
Heavy EquipmentForklifts, Bull Dozers, Bobcat, Skytrak, Loaders, Backhoes, Water Haulers, Dump Trucks, Graders, Scrapers
Office SuppliesComputers (Laptops), General Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Janitorial Supplies, Office Equipment, Packaging Supplies
ToolsImpact guns, Air hoses, Deep welding sockets, Wrench, Screws, Pliers, Volt Meters, Hi-lift Jacks, Chains
Irrigation Supplies & EquipmentSprinklers
Other ServicesPorta Potties, Trimble Equipment, Steel Pipes, PVC Pipes, Safety Supplies (Safety Glasses, Safety Vest, Hard Hats), Electrical Supplies, Farm Equipment, Pesticide Testing

Response Calendar

  • Posting of Request for Information (RFI):
    June 11, 2018
  • Deadline for questions, requests for clarification, or requests for additional information:
    On-going through end of FY 19 - May 31, 2019
  • Response Due Date:
    On-going through end of FY 19 – May, 31, 2019

RFI Contact Information for Questions & Response Submissions

All questions and response submissions may be submitted to the attention of Ms. Darlene Kady, Purchasing Agent, via email to purchasing@navajopride.com or via phone at 505-566-2661.

Contents of Your Response

1. The Respondent shall provide the following:

  • Please include Vendor company name, physical address, phone number fax number, and web address.
    1. Business point(s) of contact, including contact name, address, phone and email address.
  • A narrative describing vendor’s primary business focus, areas of expertise, certifications and/or credentials, including vendor’s experience doing business with NAPI or other Navajo Nation Enterprises. Capability Statements are acceptable for submission.

2. Presentations/Demonstrations: Respondents may have the opportunity, if desired, to schedule a 60-minute presentation with select NAPI Management. Please indicate your willingness to schedule an in-person presentation. Should this opportunity become available, dates and times that are convenient for both parties should be considered.

Proposal Resources

For guidance on how to structure a proposal, please visit: Proposal Resources