Proposal Resources

Proposals to Outline

These resources provide guidance, templates, and additional material that may be helpful in writing a successful proposal.

Common Elements of a Proposal

Statement of Work

One of the most critical elements of a proposal is the Statement of Work.  At a minimum, it should provide a full and detailed explanation of the proposed activity, typically including project goals, specific aims, methodology, and the proposer’s capabilities and/or responsibilities.

Budget or Cost Estimate Summary

Both large and small scale projects require proper planning and cost management.

The budget includes a reasonable estimate of the financial support required to conduct a project.  A budget may also include a Budget Justification (optional) which will provide a detailed narrative of budget expenses.

If there is no specific project you are proposing for, you may submit a Cost Estimate Summary which is prepared for approximation of cost.  please include your hourly charges, a scale rate of equipment based on time use (daily, hourly, monthly, etc.)


A list of all references needs to be cited in the proposal.

Additional Information

Please fill out the NAPI Vendor Packet – this will set you up in NAPI’s internal portal to be recognized as a potential vendor for providing services.

The selection of the Company shall be made in accordance and comply with the Navajo Business Opportunity Act, Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 205/Section 201 et, seq, where applicable. NAPI complies with Navajo Preference in Employment Act. NAPI reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in this Advertisement and/or to reject any or all proposals; to be the sole judge of the suitability of the work offered and to award a service contract for the furnishing of services it deems to be in the best interest of NAPI. Responsibility for the submittal and routing of proposals lies solely on the proposer.