Navajo Pride Benefit Fund

  • NAPI’s process and procedures for non-profit and education/community based organizations to receive funding for projects utilizing an established criteria.

Donation Request

  • As an Enterprise of the Navajo Nation, NAPI donates resources in the form of NAPI products to organizations within the Navajo Nation and other non-profit agencies.

NAPI Scholars Program

  • The NAPI Scholarship Program is for students interested in pursuing a career with their company upon graduation. The Scholarship Program provides combined scholarship and internship opportunities to undergraduate students at New Mexico State University’s main campus and leads to full-time employment upon completion of their degree.

NAPI Internship Program

  • NAPI has summer internship opportunities available for students pursuing a degree in the areas listed. Interested students will participate in strategic projects as they relate to NAPI’s overall goals and objectives.

Business Opportunities

  • NAPI often seeks bid proposals from Navajo-Owned Businesses. The selection of the Company shall be made in accordance with the Navajo Business Opportunity Act, Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 205 and the selected company shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the Navajo Nation Business Opportunity Act, N.N.C., Title 5, Chapter 2, Section 201 et, seq, where applicable.  NAPI complies with Navajo Preference in Employment Act. NAPI reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in this Advertisement and/or to reject any or all bids; to be the sole judge of the suitability of the work offered and to award a service contract for the furnishing of services it deems to be in the best interest of NAPI.  Responsibility for the submittal and routing of proposals lies solely on the bidder.

Hunting Program

  • NAPI has a hunting program on a first come, first served basis. Visit this link for a complete schedule and requirements.