NAPI Exports Navajo Pride Pinto Beans To Mexico

NAPI, Farmington, NM

Vicente Castrejon, Cereales Y Semillas del Valle signs the contract of sale for Navajo Pride Pinto Beans, as Roselyn Yazzie, COO looks on.

Through an interpreter on a cell phone, NAPI sold 51,000 cwt. of Navajo Pride Pinto Beans for export to Mexico.

On Aug. 28, Vicente Castrejon, representative for Cereales Y Semillas del Valle, arrived at NAPI’s headquarters to sign a contract of sale to start exporting Navajo Pride Pinto Beans from September 2019 through May 2020.

Cereales Y Semillas del Valle entered a second year of purchasing bulk loads of Navajo Pride Pinto Beans from NAPI. The company was introduced to the Navajo Pride brand by another customer.

“They noticed our label had Navajo Nation, USA and did their research by looking up our website,” said Roselyn Yazzie, Chief Operations Officer. “What sold them was the quality, color, size, cooking time, and flavor of our beans.”

Cereales Y Semillas del Valle will distribute the Navajo Pride Pinto Beans throughout Baja California, Mexico. Within the past year, the customers in Mexico have become familiar with Navajo Pride and prefer it over other competing brands.

“This is a great milestone for NAPI and the entire Navajo Nation, as we partner with Cereales Y Semillas del Valle to make our Navajo products available in the international market – it is also a great example of our Nation’s ability to leverage our sovereignty to build our economy,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. “Vice President Myron Lizer and I commend NAPI and all of their employees for this great accomplishment.”

The truckloads of pinto beans will ship from NAPI’s processing plant, located south of the main office. Currently, there are 22 employed with the bean plant and crop production; and over 320 employed throughout the farm.

“We plan to introduce the company to all our other Navajo Pride products. Such as, our flour, green chile, potatoes, and organic mini-melons,” said Yazzie. “Unfortunately, Mr. Castrejon had to catch his flight home. Next time, we’ll be able to show him the rest of our Navajo farm.”

NAPI planted 4,467 acres for the 2019 season, with a projected yield of over 100,000 cwt. The contract with Cereales Y Semillas del Valle marks one of the largest sales for NAPI this year.

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