NAPI Awards the Navajo Pride Benefit Fund

NAPI awarded the recipients for the first Navajo Pride Benefit Fund (“NPBF”) during a luncheon on Tuesday, December 4 at the NAPI headquarters, south of Farmington, NM.

NAPI plans to provide grant funding for community projects established in 2018. Non-profit and education/community based organizations are eligible for the NPBF.

“We received close to 45 applications,” says Vincent Cowboy, acting Chief Operations Officer. “When the board approved it, and also the executives to initiate the plan, the whole plan was to help the Navajo people and their projects.” This year, the applicants submitted their applications by September 28.

The recipients were given the opportunity to present their projects to the NPBF committee and NAPI management during the award luncheon.

The NPBF awardees were provided up to $5,000 each:

• Becenti Chapter: Becenti Chapter Community Garden
• Cornfields Chapter: Cornfields Agriculture Program
• Coyote Canyon Rehabilitation Center, Inc.: Sustaining and Innovation Navajo Gardening Project
• Da’ak’eh Iina’: Solar Drip System Using Hauled Water
• Lukachukai BIE School: Briding Agricultural Knowledge and Healthy Living In Our Community
• NMSU Copperative Extension: Navajo Cultivating Success
Teesto Chapter: Community Farming and Agricultural Projects
• Tolani Lake Enterprises, Inc.: Beaver Farm Workshop Series
• Tsaile/Wheatfields Dineh Water Users: Tribal Plant Nursery Project
• Crownpoint Chapter: Crownpoint Chapter Emergency Response Team
• Reach Out and Read: Reach Out and Read
• Chilchinbeto Chapter: Chilchinbeto Water Conservation
• Dilkon Chapter: Dilkon Chapter Fairgrounds Upgrade
• Tiis Tsoh Sikaad Chapter: Tiis Tsoh Sikaad Outdoor Basketball Court
Cove Chapter: Mountain Biking & Exercise Equipment Project
• Nageezi Chapter: Handicapped/Elderly Accessibility to Chapter Facilities
• Rez Refuge Ministries, Inc. dba Rez Refuge: Garden Program & Community Outreach
• Upper Fruitland Chapter: NAPI Picnic Shelter

The NPBF committee scored and selected projects related to the categories: education, youth, senior, veteran development; environment and community development, capacity builders; economic development; agriculture, farming, livestock, energy, sustainable, renewable projects, health & wellness.

Anthony Howard with the Coyote Canyon Rehabilitation Center, Inc., a non-profit organization for individuals with disabilities teach life skills and further the education and practice of gardening. “This grant program will introduce drip irrigation, rain-water, harvesting, box or bed gardening, soil testing,” says Howard. “On top of that, I want to preserve the Navajo traditional crops - naadáá, naayízí, naa’ołí, and dził nát’oh.”

Each recipient expressed their appreciation to NAPI and encouraged the continuation of NPBF.

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