NAPI Presents to Over 300 Students from Crownpoint Elementary

CPNT2FARMINGTON, NM – NAPI will provide a variety of farm activities and presentations to Crownpoint Elementary School, kindergarten through 5th grade in the course of 3-days.

Crownpoint Elementary School will visit NAPI on April 26, 27, and May 3 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Each day, over 100 students will learn about NAPI and Navajo Pride products. NAPI will conduct a range of activities at the Farm Scales, located south of the main headquarters.

“We conduct tours as a community outreach and to educate people about NAPI,” says Rae DeGroat, PR Coordinator. “This is one of our largest groups this year.”

The students will attend 20-minute sessions consisting of a presentation on NAPI and the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project (NIIP); a Navajo Pride food exhibit; a demonstration of the water delivery to crops; an activity area with coloring books, games, and a tractor display.

In general, most tours will have the option of visiting NAPI’s control center room, processing plants, crop fields, or stores located on the farm for groups less than 20. The tours are free and available to schools, businesses, and organizations interested in NAPI. A 2-week advanced notice is required for all requests.

For more information on NAPI Tours / Presentations, contact 505-566-2600 or email



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