NAPI Reaching Out to Communities Impacted by Winter Weather Conditions

FARMINGTON, NM – Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI) is assisting various Navajo Nation communities impacted by the winter weather conditions.

NAPI will conduct ‘Satellite Sales’ by transporting semi-loads of Alfalfa Feeder Hay in 3-Twine Bales and Navajo Pride Products to isolated locations across the Navajo Nation starting on Jan. 26. NAPI is also providing reduced sale to all Navajo Nation chapters on Navajo Pride Potatoes (No. 2) in 50 lbs. bags. The potatoes can be purchased by the pallet, with a count of (42) bags. Since January 11, several chapters have purchased NAPI potatoes which they then distributed among their community members. Navajo Nation chapters are encouraged to contact NAPI’s Sales Department at (505) 566-2639 and make arrangements while supplies last.

NAPI coordinates the Satellite Sales by designating a location most convenient to the public on the Navajo Nation. NAPI’s staff will travel to the site on the day of the sale. The staff consists of management, safety, scale clerks, and loaders to help customers with their purchase. Each Satellite Sale starts at 8:00 am until the products sell-out. There is no limit on purchases.

NAPI is scheduled to conduct Satellite Sales at the following locations:

• Casamero Lake, NM on January 26, 2017 (Starts at 10:30 am)
• Kayenta, AZ on January 28, 2017,
• Window Rock, AZ on February 4, 2017,
• Chinle, AZ on February 11, 2017,
• Ramah, NM on February 18, 2017,
• Crownpoint, NM on February 25, 2017

NAPI will include additional locations when available. Visit our web site, our Facebook page for up-to-the minute locations, and stay tuned to KNDN or KTNN. Due to the remote locations, all transactions require cash only. The Satellite Sales are convenient for those who travel long distances for Navajo Pride products.

NAPI is committed to reaching out and helping out the Navajo people to alleviate travel and cost during inclement weather. For more information on NAPI, email

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