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Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, NAPI

We produce premier Navajo Pride brand agricultural products, guaranteed to be of the highest quality on the market today. We are located in the heart of the Four Corners region near Farmington, New Mexico, and are operating one of the largest tracts of contiguous farmland in the nation.

Our agribusiness features state-of-the-art farming technology including a multimillion dollar water irrigation management system. NAPI produces the finest and freshest varieties of Navajo Pride brand potatoes, corn, alfalfa, beans, and small grains, such as barley, wheat and oats. We are also expanding our Navajo Pride brand product selection at all times, so be sure and check our product availability frequently.

What makes Navajo Pride brand so unique? We are owned and operated by the Navajo people. At NAPI, we take pride in producing Navajo Pride brand premium products for retail purposes, repackaging or for direct sale to our customers.

Our Mission

“Proactively develop and manage a sustainable, culturally and environmentally responsive agricultural enterprise for the benefit of the Navajo Nation and Global economies.”

Our Vision

“NAPI uses its natural resources, skilled workforce and infrastructure to produce superior quality “Navajo Pride” products to make Navajo Pride a quality brand that is globally recognized and champions excellent relationships through customer service and the Navajo People, as well as the adoption and use of enhanced technology; to preserve nature through environmentally friendly practices and to provide economically for future generations.”

Attention Livestock Owners

NAPI is providing emergency water assistance to those affected by the Gold King Mine Spill. The water located at NAPI is diverted from Navajo Lake Reservoir - the water flows directly to NAPI and suitable for livestock. There are signs, maps, and Analytical Water Results posted at NAPI’s Main Office and Region II Top Office. Note: Non-Potable Water! Do not use for drinking, washing or cooking. For more information, contact NAPI Safety Dept. at 505-427-1843.

Directions to water site: From NAPI Main Office Headquarters – South, approx. 5 miles at Mile Post 97, turn west (right) on N4140. Hangman Water will be on the south (left) side of road. Print Map

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